by Brandon at 6:57 PM
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Hey Everyone,

It’s been quite a while, but I’m back, ready to get Viper going again. @ZachPlaysAN and I will be working hard to grow the network back to where it once was, with the help of the great administration and staff team we have. We’ve worked super hard to bring back the old feel of Viper, which we know the old community will know and love. We don’t want to be one of those large, overwhelming servers with 8 different factions servers, we’ll have just one. Alongside this will be the traditional KitMap, to prepare for the fights you’ll encounter on HCF.​

We’re sticking with the classic map kit, it seems like it’s what everyone enjoys and prefers these days.
by Brandon at 1:50 AM
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Hi guys,

I figured helping out @ZachPlaysAN since everything was a mess and I'm back as an owner. :)
More information will be out soon, everything will be back including your ranks.

We're also going back to 1 big HCF, instead of 3 smaller ones. More PVP, and competition.
Many of the staff members that left with me will also be coming back.
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