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    Read Me Spring Update Week 12

    Make the reforged maps smaller that’s why there a different server for bigger factions
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    PinHead Recruiting for Royale!

    PinBead recruitment... This faction is brand new. Many opportunities to come. I am not new to being a leader to a faction. Down below is what we are looking for. *Dedicated Players +15 Or Older +Dedicated Players +Mature And Not Toxic +Know What They Are Doing In Team Fights +Don't Complain...
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    Queue Priority

    I get that but if we paid for the queue we should still be in the top few people.
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    Queue Priority

    IGN: QuickLome Which server would this be Implemented On: All Your Suggestion: My suggestion to the server is to make Viper ranks above the queue priority from Youtube Ranks. The reason why I want this to be implemented because I hop into the queue every new map the day before the map starts...