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Recent content by EmiraBlight

  1. EmiraBlight

    Partner Item Suggestion

    These are just retired viper items, not even new ideas.
  2. EmiraBlight

    Read Me Infernal's SOTW Information & Bug Fixes 🍃🌷

    lmfao only staff ever look at these.
  3. EmiraBlight

    Mr3ms Past

    nobody fucking cares
  4. EmiraBlight

    Read Me Introducing Viper's Jail ⛏️

    Are the unbans automatic or do we have to click on the guard? Totally not gonna get intentionally banned just to grind 20 unbans.. Never...
  5. EmiraBlight

    ViperMC before and ViperMC now

    wow viper forms really attract the lowest fucking denominator.
  6. EmiraBlight

    Read Me Mojang Unblock, Infernal & Kits Season 26 Information, and more! 🔓

    what u wanna bet "Echo" does not work on a linux enviorment and therfor any compitent cheater will be able to bypass easily.
  7. EmiraBlight

    Kits being removed...

    As of a recently all kits have been removed from the store. If you check the new description of Pyro and High Roller ranks you will see they no longer mention kits. This is defiantly a result of the Mojang blacklist. Hopefully we will finally get real HCF back, where dying actually matters, as...
  8. EmiraBlight

    Merge the ranks

    Update on this. Kitmap ranks were removed from the store alongside unbans. Take this as you will, but I believe it mean something might happen to the kitmap ranks already purchased, as there no long available.
  9. EmiraBlight

    Read Me Infernal's SOTW Information & Discord Q&A! ⛄️

    Love how 90% of all the comments on this thread are of staff.
  10. EmiraBlight

    Merge the ranks

    Lets be honnest, having 2 HCF servers is not practical and infernal will instantly kill any other map Viper ever tries. But most people with "Kitmap" ranks purchased a rank for HCF years ago and are getting stiffed. It seems quite unfair to me that those ranks are only for kitmap. Just merge the...
  11. EmiraBlight

    Rollback people if they die due to internet issues

    I mean under these rules I could simply unplug my router and go and ask to be rolled back. Its hard to tell the difference in video form.
  12. EmiraBlight

    minecraft modifications

    Thats probably a use at your own risk of getting banned by the anticheat type of mods. I mean the anticheat does not work so its probably fine, just trying to say its risky.