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Recent content by juicygg

  1. juicygg

    i doubt anyone has higher messages then me (check profile)

    justrobins firing shots? 👀
  2. juicygg

    anyone know when eotw starts?

    EOTW is on 5PM EST every Thursday.
  3. juicygg

    whenever i try to crosspearl i just get teleported back

    @cysipy yes and the joke i was trying to make was that by crosspearl you meant pearl glitch all of the advice up there was specifically for pearl glitching lmao
  4. juicygg

    give partners the ability to nick or disguise

    what happens when you /f who the nick?
  5. juicygg

    how will i know if my streamer rank is accepted or denied

    title ^
  6. juicygg


  7. juicygg

    Base Competition. +1

  8. juicygg

    whenever i try to crosspearl i just get teleported back

    not sure, you cant fix it though. you can only really "fix it" by /hubbing and logging back on in the middle of the block when you're "crosspearling" thats the best "crosspearl" method on the kitmap realm. also using cobwebs to assit your "crosspearl" is crucial
  9. juicygg

    Monthly Highroller to Permanent

  10. juicygg

    Moving to ViperMC

    Welcome :)
  11. juicygg


    just log onto the server again and it will say the time. if it only says you have been suspended from the network then youre permanently banned
  12. juicygg

    i cant use strength 2s

    help. i cant use strength 2. i right click it and it wont work. i went in ts for it too and they said they didnt know. can somebody please help. this map is gonna be really bad if i cant use strength 2s