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    Old Ranks

    That's like going to the store and buying a plate then the store owner takes it from you and puts it back on the shelf and tells you to leave and you cannot receive a refund or another plate.
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    Old Ranks

    No they dont
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    Old Ranks

    Ok but that's different. Transferring means trading in your Viper rank for a rank on Infernal. Not when Viper changes ranks and removes the old ones that people bought. So if your stupid don't answer appeals -thanks
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    Old Ranks

    give the man credit for his rank 0r he can sue you
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    when is news for next maP?? \

    when is news for next maP?? \
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    SlowChat and ChatLock plugin

    Hello. I have played Viper for months now and I enjoy the gameplay as a Viper rank extremely well. I play Royale and Reforged and may make my way to infernal. I log on daily and play practice and kitmap with my friends. Throughout this time I've noticed the slowed chat and locked chat. I have...