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Recent content by zDragon_YT

  1. zDragon_YT

    Whats wrong with Viper???

    everything on this garbage server is wrong
  2. zDragon_YT

    Can I get a chargeback

    Chargebacks are not allowed i guess
  3. zDragon_YT

    got banned 3 times in the past 15 days

    Holy shit. This is one of the 300 reasons for the why Viper sucks
  4. zDragon_YT


    Try to appeal the punishment bruh
  5. zDragon_YT


  6. zDragon_YT

    pog u

    pog u
  7. zDragon_YT

    blacklist appeal

    admins will deny your appeal, while blacklisted this punishment is not appealable on all servers
  8. zDragon_YT

    Admin Series #31

  9. zDragon_YT


    u need to buy unban #3 x2 times
  10. zDragon_YT

    blacklist appeal

    I think admins will deny blacklist appeal... Appealing a blacklist is against the server rules... (I'm not an admin), but i know the blacklists are not appealable