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Important ViperMC Rules

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  • Links to porn or extremely graphic content are not permitted.
  • Topics that contain inappropriate content must be tagged as NSFW (Not Safe For Work)
  • Don't spam. This includes garbage posts like "xD", "lol so true" or anything that contributes nothing to the conversation
  • Racial and/or sexual slurs are not acceptable
  • Do not harass other members via private message or posts
  • Use common sense
  • Stay on topic
  • Do not advertise other servers or commercial services. This includes usage of affiliate links
Please report content that violates these guidelines by using the Report button found in the lower right corner of every post.

  • Do not spam
  • Do not be toxic
  • Do not joke about suicide or self-harm
  • Do not be racist or a bigot
  • Do not bypass the chat filter
  • Do not post links to screamers, shock sites, or sites containing pornographic content
  • Do not post links advertising other servers not associated with Viper
  • Do not participate in online marketing or account selling/real world item selling
  • Do not advertise other servers
  • Do not insult or make fun of dead relatives
  • Do not threaten to DDoS/DOX or engage in DDoS/DOX comedy
  • Do not violate the privacy of others
  • Do not alt unless you receive permission from a head staff
  • Do not use Xray/Radar
  • Do not use the printer option on schematica
  • Do not cheat
  • Do not exploit any game breaking bugs
  • Do not excessively grief
  • Do not lie to staff
  • Do not associate with cheaters
  • Do not dispute the bans other players
  • Do not excessively harass, follow, trap or stream sniper famous players
  • Do not use an objectionable faction name
  • Do not use an objectionable username
  • Do not share accounts
  • Suffocation Traps are no longer allowed and we will start tempbanning for doing it. [NEW]
  • Do not block, sign, enderpearl or boat glitch
  • Do not freeze your minecraft
  • Do not abuse the water bucket glitch
  • Do not log in and out to avoid death
  • Do not /hub or logout after pearling/falling to avoid death
  • Do not keep players hostage for longer than 5 minutes, this includes drowning and tagging with a bow
  • Do not kick and kill players
  • Do not join a faction to purposely leave and kill the player/faction who invited you
  • Do not portal trap
  • Do not abuse pvp timer
  • Do not ally
  • Do not DTR Evade
  • Do not inside
  • Slave Labour is not allowed
  • Disruptive Claiming is not allowed
  • Excessively harassing, following, trapping or stream snipping famous players
    If a player is harassing a famous player (for example: repeatedly placing an anvil outside their base to make an annoying noise), it is up to an admin’s discretion to decide how to deal with it. In most cases, removing the anvil or tool of harassment from their inventory and leaving them with a warning is enough to deal with it.
  • Any kind of alting / Account sharing is not allowed. And will get you banned
  • Do not block, sign, enderpearl or boat glitch
  • Do not freeze your minecraft
  • Do not inside

  • ArmorStatusHUD
  • StatusEffectHUD
  • DirectionHUD
  • 5zig
  • bspkrsCore
  • Batty's Coordinates
  • ToggleSneak
  • PlayerAPI
  • BetterSprint
  • ReiMinimap without Entity/Player Radar
  • VoxelMinimap without Entity/Player Radar
  • TabbyChat
  • Text Mod
  • Kohi TCPNoDelay
  • Saturation Display
  • Daytime Mod
  • ShinyPots
  • Optifine
  • KeyStrokes Mod
  • PotAlerts Mod
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