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  1. Brandon

    Read Me Infernal + Reforged SOTW

    Welcome to the third week of the Summer Update, everyone! Before you continue reading, many of the ownership team is away in California. We're working on some pretty crazy things and we can't wait to show you what we have in store in the upcoming weeks. UHC + UHCF information should be posted...
  2. Brandon

    Important The Summer Update

  3. Brandon

    Read Me The Last Week of the Spring Update!

    Summer here we come!
  4. Brandon

    3-4 weeks!

    3-4 weeks!
  5. Brandon

    Read Me Factions Exodus Map 1 ($2500 F-TOP PRIZE)

    Hey everyone, As some of you may know, I've owned a very popular Faction server called DecimatePvP. We used to hit over 1,000 players during its prime, with many players donating to support us. However, Viper ended up eating a lot of my spare time on top of university so I couldn't give it the...
  6. Brandon

    VPN Glitch

    Please try logging in now
  7. Brandon

    Cant login?

    Hi, You should be able to login now. Thanks
  8. Brandon

    So excited for this summer :)

    So excited for this summer :)
  9. Brandon

    Exodus Rank Purchase

    Yes, you will.
  10. Brandon

    Read Me DecimatePvP Merge

    Hey, As most of you know, there has been talk about a regular factions server being added to Viper and most of you also know that I own DecimatePvP, a pretty large competitive regular factions server. We’ve been working in the background to ensure that this will be suitable for Viper’s...
  11. Brandon

    KB/EU Practice

    Yes, there is. It will be up real soon
  12. Brandon

    KB/EU Practice
  13. Brandon

    The Future of Viper

    The future is bright
  14. Brandon

    I cannot connect, even on alts.

    Still happening?
  15. Brandon

    Discord link invalid?
  16. Brandon

    I can´t join the server

    Use 1.8! Or 1.7