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  1. Diwyn

    Resolved How has everyone been?

    I have been doing great! How are you guys?
  2. Diwyn

    Resolved How would I redeem from candy clash..?

    The redeem server is closed. You can not redeem your old ranks anymore.
  3. Diwyn

    Resolved Confused Asf

    Connect to the Viper team speak and wait in the HCF-Waiting room. I am sure there is an explanation for this.
  4. Diwyn

    Accepted Exodus Map 2 Suggestions!

    1. We can see peoples offlineinventorys to check if they are hiding value. The suggestion that it should drop instantly isnt a bad idea and I will forward it. 2. There are votes in the Vipers Factions Hub discord. There is a vote about not allowing spawners in chests its 92 for disabling it and...
  5. Diwyn

    Denied Application

    Manager has denied the suggestion.
  6. Diwyn

    Denied Application

    Suggestion forwarded to the factions Manager.
  7. Diwyn

    Resolved Rank Transfers

    You have to pm @Ace on discord. Ace does rank transfers. Locked.
  8. Diwyn

    Resolved Flase Mute

    You need to make a ban appeal in the Ban Appeal section. Locked.
  9. Diwyn

    Resolved False Mute?

    Make an appeal in the HCF-Ban appeal section. Locked.
  10. Diwyn

    Accepted Increasing Raid claims

    There is currently a vote going on in the Viper factions hub discord. Locked and accepted.
  11. Diwyn

    Accepted Muting Outpost Chat spam

    You can turn off the outpost notifications with the command: /outpost notify off Locked and Accepted.
  12. Diwyn

    Resolved Get a some better staff, or management team.

    The player has been unbanned. Please read what @Scompey said. Everyone is trying their best but sometimes there are certain things they cant do. If you have any more questions regarding your ban or something else message Diwyn#5054 on discord.
  13. Diwyn

    Resolved Unban all

    The unbanall happend the 29th of June. Locked and resolved.
  14. Diwyn

    Accepted Increasing Raid claims

    How would a bigger raid claim increase the chance on raiding people? Do you mean that you can put more walls on your cannonbox and its harder for the faction to counter in the cannonbox?