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  1. MidLaneMeme

    Important UHCF Map 1

    Anyone else looking forward to this? :cool:
  2. MidLaneMeme

    Read Me Infernal & Reforged SOTW

    Glad to see the bugs fixed. (y)
  3. MidLaneMeme

    Resolved HELP

    Tier is related to what position you are on /f top. Tiers can be gained by capturing events and killing other players.
  4. MidLaneMeme

    Resolved Insiding

    Insiding on HCF is a 30-day suspension, but our goal as a staff member is to get both sides of the story and try to act as a middleman in the situation. The ideal way to deal with insiding is to not to take action but to act as a middleman for communication between the two players.
  5. MidLaneMeme

    Resolved Master Kit

    Normally subscriptions keep refreshing until it's canceled, so you would have to cancel the subscription yourself.
  6. MidLaneMeme

    Resolved Question

    You may apply there for both servers, as the person who deals with media ranks is a platform administrator and has the rank globally.
  7. MidLaneMeme

    Resolved Question

    Yes to both. You can apply by looking in the correct threads on the forums.
  8. MidLaneMeme

    New player.

    Welcome back! If you want the highest priority it would have to be the top rank on whatever server you are going to play. (Viper/Pyro/Kronos) For the game mode, it depends on whether you want a more hardcore feel then you should play Reforged. If you wish for a less hardcore feel then you can...
  9. MidLaneMeme

    Read Me Reforged Map 15

    Coming so close to the summer update :sneaky:
  10. MidLaneMeme

    Philip's Introduction

    Hey! Welcome back to Viper.
  11. MidLaneMeme


  12. MidLaneMeme

    Unfair ban from premieres pearl

    I understand where you're coming from but, this isn't vanilla Minecraft. Going through a block like glass or an iron door would be considered pearl glitching here on Viper. You will have to wait out your one day ban or feel free to create a ban appeal on the forums. Locked.
  13. MidLaneMeme

    Joining server.

    Wait in TeamSpeak and make sure you don't have a VPN active because that isn't allowed. Locked.
  14. MidLaneMeme

    GucciNotchgang/BabySpirits Ban Appeal

    Locked. Create a ban appeal in the correct section of the forums.