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  1. ValorPvP

    Important The Summer Update

  2. ValorPvP

    MineHQ or Lunar

    :cry: Those were the days...
  3. ValorPvP

    work hard, study hard bro, already passed my first exam, EASY PEASY

    work hard, study hard bro, already passed my first exam, EASY PEASY
  4. ValorPvP

    ViperMC Staff Series #4 - PROMOTED TO MOD+ (Like and Subscribe)

    Nice staff series kraggy, keep up the good work! 🐍
  5. ValorPvP

    ViperMC Admin Series! - Episode 1 (Second Staff Series)

    HEY GUYS I appreciate you guys checking it out. Please leave any constructive critisicm in the comments, it will help me out a lot when I upload another one. Link: If you do genuinely like it, give it a like! Show anyone you think might be interested in the life of a Viper Admin.
  6. ValorPvP

    Cobra Client? Is it Real?

    LOL @NotNadie @Sketchhyy Cobra Client will be amazing. Don’t forget it br. #ViperOnTop
  7. ValorPvP

    Cobra Client? Is it Real?

    🚂 🥳
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    Thanks for posting this thread. If you need any support with your rank, please post a thread in the Donation Support section. Link has been provided. Follow the format, and someone will assist you there. THREAD LOCKED
  9. ValorPvP

    This Snowball Is OP!! // Living Next To Two Famous Youtubers!!

    Great video bro! I knew those snowballs would be insane in HCF!
  10. ValorPvP

    The Rogue Kit

    Personally rogue kit is quite over powered in teamfights on KitMap, so it would need some nerfing for Royale or Reforged! But possibly in the future? :unsure:
  11. ValorPvP


    There was recently a bug where you could duplicate grappling hooks, and sometimes they would go into stacks. Also, when you get them, very rarely they spawn, stacked with more than 1 in the slot.
  12. ValorPvP

    Inactivity unclaim [Kitmap]

    To develop a plugin to support this idea would be quite extensive. What we usually do, is if a player has been offline on the KitMap for an extremely long amount of time, like if they are banned and have no intention of buying an unban, or have quit the game, then we could change the faction...
  13. ValorPvP

    CobbleX - A new HCF feature.

    +1 That's an interesting concept. Lots of cobblestone from players usually goes to waste, so this is a good way to put it to more use! Something like this could be implemented in the future, but I'm not sure if it's possible anytime soon.
  14. ValorPvP

    Old Days

    The new logo looks really good, but the old .gif was a classic.
  15. ValorPvP

    Royale - Infernal idea

    Royale will probably stay the same way, but slight changes may be made in the future!
  16. ValorPvP

    i need help with my math homework

    Germination is the process by which an organism grows from a seed or similar structure. Just search up "Seed Germination" on google, and find some information.
  17. ValorPvP

    I miss long maps

    Long maps could be possible, and great fun too, but to reitarate chique's point, players will be lost. For the OG's this would be great fun!
  18. ValorPvP

    300 (and second) post!

    Congrats! Now lets go for 500.