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  1. Sadding

    Denied Famous Rank

    IGN: Sadding Discord: Sading#2417 Channel URL: Subscriber Amount: 9,300 Average views per video: 300 - 2000 Link to your two videos on Viper: Do you agree to be respectful and kind to staff and players alike?: Yes Aslong As Your Respectful Towards Me
  2. Sadding

    Resolved sleepy?

  3. Sadding

    Resolved Smh

    Y’all really that afraid of competition @MeeZoid
  4. Sadding

    My New Vids

    This Is the Style Im Going To Use For Future Vids For HCF series
  5. Sadding


    I am going to be making videos on the infernal realm soon hope to see you guys there
  6. Sadding

    Won’t let me buy a rank

    It won’t let me buy this rank it says my card doesn’t work when it does and has more than enough money on it