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  1. brand2

    Cobra Client Early Access.

    If you have a media rank on Viper, you should be allowed to have early access to Cobra Client! ok pls agree and follow me on twitter - kthx <3
  2. brand2

    3k special

  3. brand2

    too many racks

    all these racks give me a boner , im too hard
  4. brand2

    I need suggestions for a series

    Please respond to this with original ideas that are like living in a or living without or something like that kthx love u all
  5. brand2

    too many racks

  6. brand2

    Connection Issues

    Update: It is something to do with my internet, using my hotspot.
  7. brand2

    Connection Issues

    Recently, I have been having connection issues on viper, and only viper. I can connect to the server & see everything responsive, chat, scoreboard, but I'm lagging and I can break blocks in hub (while lagging) and can't open server selector. I've tried every domain and I lag out on all of them...