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  1. Spyno

    Read Me Infernal 2.0's SOTW Information, Practice Season 1, and more! 🍾🍂

    Good Afternoon, Welcome to the second week of the Anniversary Update! We made sure to separate our biggest releases accordingly this update so you all get the chance to play every single one. This week will consist of Infernal 2.0's SOTW and Practice Season 1, but we aren't stopping there - we...
  2. Spyno

    Is Viper ripping off builders?

    If we were to turn Viper into a hardcore server we would lose 3/4ths of our playerbase overnight. You're asking the wrong server to offer the hardcore experience you're looking for. Our responsibility to the community and to our players is to maintain what we've got going on right now. If you're...
  3. Spyno

    Is Viper ripping off builders?

    We're one of the last servers keeping HCF alive and you ask me an ignorant question like that? Have a nice night lol.
  4. Spyno

    Is Viper ripping off builders?

    Woodzy probably used that custom nether terrain just for 2 seconds of footage for the trailer. We don't and will probably never use that terrain on a production server.
  5. Spyno

    Read Me Viper's 2nd Anniversary Update 🍾

    Good Morning, Welcome to our second annual Anniversary Update! Before I get into this post I'd like to personally thank you all for continuing to show Viper your love and support. If it wasn't for you all we wouldn't be celebrating our second anniversary right now. These next 2 months are going...
  6. Spyno

    Welcome to the New Website