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  1. GTed

    i doubt anyone has higher messages then me (check profile)

    Thread locked.
  2. GTed

    how will i know if my streamer rank is accepted or denied

    If you have applied for the rank, please give up to 2 weeks for a response. If you do not receive a reply within the 2 weeks, unfortunately you have to conciser yourself denied. Have a good day.
  3. GTed

    I Have Not Received The Items I Purchased.

    Hi, To get this sorted please join ts.vipermc.net. Have a great day! :)
  4. GTed

    When is creative coming out I was promised it on this update!!!

    Make sure to take a read of this forums thread.
  5. GTed

    Do EU Events

    If you check #announcements in our discord, we also do key alls and partner packages the day after SOTW so that people who are in EU timezones are able to get them:)
  6. GTed

    Read Me Viper's 2nd Anniversary Update 🍾

  7. GTed

    I need an administrator

    Doesn't have to just be me, any staff member will be able to help you! :)
  8. GTed


  9. GTed

    I need an administrator

    Hi, Please join ts.vipermc.net whenever possible :) Have a good day!
  10. GTed

    Welcome to the New Website

  11. GTed

    third post and the most viewed post <3

    Absolute fyre!🔥
  12. GTed

    2nd post

    Glad you like the forums! <3