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  1. juicygg

    how will i know if my streamer rank is accepted or denied

    title ^
  2. juicygg

    i cant use strength 2s

    help. i cant use strength 2. i right click it and it wont work. i went in ts for it too and they said they didnt know. can somebody please help. this map is gonna be really bad if i cant use strength 2s
  3. juicygg

    lff for next infernal map ^

    looking for high skill non random power faction to compete with top comps next infernal map. f top most maps are appreciated My qualities Good teamfighter, decent at Pv Good at snowballing Great base raider Good high IQ plays High kills and high kd on maps where I try (usually average 70-120...
  4. juicygg

    quitting (+ giveaway)

    hey guys im probably gonna be quitting today. its been a roller coaster. not a good one or a bad one, but a roller coaster. and ill miss a lot of you. i love this server and i love the players (most of them) and i appreciate the staff for helping me out. my favorite staff go out to @Deafing...
  5. juicygg


    Is Viper even gonna have f top prizes? Like BC or PayPal kinda like Sage. Sage is averaging 100 players or more a day and if you had f top prizes maybe more players would be interested in playing?
  6. juicygg

    this map is such a shitshow for me

    my friend and my other friend got in a heated argument leading to one of them quitting the game and before he quit he unclaimed all and tried to disband LOL fuckkkkk still love him tho but wtff what a shitter
  7. juicygg

    When is creative coming out I was promised it on this update!!!

    i might cry.. @Spyno you dont wanna see me cry right?