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    ima be honest

    im really enjoying staff @Ziggss @GTed @Atomic @Deafing @JustRobins shoutout to you guys for tping to me and messing around and i just find hcf fun to play when staff are cool. Thank you to all the staff who has came to my stream to either troll me or just tp to me shout out to you guys.
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    when is it coming out do we have a date? it got delayed twice im sad 😥
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    rick roll! u just got rick rolled!
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    Staff/Players IMPORTANT

    Let's Talk. Pryo Rank. It needs changes. It is the SECOND best rank on infernal. First of add Partner Packages to Pryo rank. Like cmon highroller gets 5! Pryos get NONE. At least give them 2-3 people pay a lot for pryo. Secondly, The kits that pryo rank has. Please add another kit to pryo. Give...
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    Let's Talk About Me!

    I applied for chat mod, I feel like we need sum more chat mods and I am mature and the right guy for it. Now can i get some vouches in the chat? plz vouch i cry everyday ','
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    our last forum got locked so #teamswag or wierd @Goodful
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    Website Theme

    so since halloween is over are you guys gonna change the website theme now?
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    i never really been in a power fac i just wanna have fun trapping is so bs and boring
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    It would be really cool

    Hey guys Im doing a similar thing as Databasic where i have a public discord, it already has 20 or so members and it would mean a lot if any staff or any media people can join as i have a media channel and role where you can post you content there. The link is http://discord.gg/VA3MUBE Thank you...
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    My discord http://discord.gg/VA3MUBE
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    Question For Staff

    Hey, when you get youtube rank do you get all the kits? And what queue do you get? Also streamer rank same question.
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    Practice Suggestion *please look*

    Hello, I am a player with a suggestion. #1 It would be amazing if there was a custom gamemode that you can choose any partner item for the trapper and any partner item for the person running in, it would be basically running in infernal, idk seems cool to me. leave more suggestions in the...
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    lets go
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    Wait so if i reupload the trailer i can get ingame rewards?