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  1. EmiraBlight

    Kits being removed...

    As of a recently all kits have been removed from the store. If you check the new description of Pyro and High Roller ranks you will see they no longer mention kits. This is defiantly a result of the Mojang blacklist. Hopefully we will finally get real HCF back, where dying actually matters, as...
  2. EmiraBlight

    Merge the ranks

    Lets be honnest, having 2 HCF servers is not practical and infernal will instantly kill any other map Viper ever tries. But most people with "Kitmap" ranks purchased a rank for HCF years ago and are getting stiffed. It seems quite unfair to me that those ranks are only for kitmap. Just merge the...
  3. EmiraBlight

    New partner items

    I understand the development teams whole "throwback items" thing where they add new functionality to old partner items,but the lack of new partner items is starting to piss people off. Trappers don't have any new tactics for base raiding, trappers are quitting because trapping is not interested...
  4. EmiraBlight

    Texture pack question...

    Yo so I know making packs that can expose p2/s2 or koth stuff is not allowed but can we create custom textures for partner items? Most of them have an enchant glint so they are already distinguishable. Ill put an example of this below. Really like to know before I make/release anything.
  5. EmiraBlight

    My new channel

  6. EmiraBlight

    Trapping Melonite in full iron...

  7. EmiraBlight

    Trapping Flusha with OP minecart trap

  8. EmiraBlight

    Trapping 2 ninja stars on SOTW + Lunar client cape giveaway!

    If you enter the giveaway on the fourms it wont count. Comment on the video, and if you leave a like that would be cool too.
  9. EmiraBlight

    How to counter the new "samurai ability"

    Very basic strategy, very effective. Have tested it several times and it works against ninja abilities and Meezoid abilities as well.
  10. EmiraBlight

    Remove ninja abilities.

    After the summer update ninja abilities become dangerously common. This is a major issue not only for trappers but for base raiders without a ninja ability. For the length of infernal existence trapping methods have only become increasingly toxic with the addition and increasingly common partner...