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  1. psychoku

    How to get chainmail armor?

    Chainmail Armor can be equipped using the Rogue Kit. Using this kit, you can use these Golden Swords (backstabs) to basically backstab another player and do a lot of damage. This kit can be a very good selection if you know what you're doing. You can test out this kit on both the Infernal and...
  2. psychoku

    can yall just move me

    When waiting in Head-Staff support, it is very important to be patient. Head-Staff or any staff in general will move you when they have time. Sincerely, Psycho
  3. psychoku

    Staff abuse

    Hey Vayt! If you would like to report a staff member, please do it in the Report A Player section of the forums and include the keyword Staff report in your thread title. Sincerely, Psycho