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A lot of things I want to say about Kits.


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I have so many small details that I would like to change, and I will state them here. They all don't really matter, but I think it would improve the game if we had these details:

Big details:

I know I'm not the first person to talk about Crosspearling, but I'll talk about it anyway. I have no idea what the problem is with Crosspearling, but we can't do it on kits. This is the one of the three major details I want to state here.

Pearl glitching. Even though you can't crosspearl, you can Crosspearl and make it look like a pearlglitch (by hubbing, and that's the only way to make a successful crosspearl). I'm not sure if that IS an actual crosspearl because of the hubbing, but I feel like its not. I also have no idea if someone crosspearls then hubs, if it's a pearlglitch or a crosspearl). And pearlglitching itself. People can just place a web and if there's glass and stone, boom they can go RIGHT through the block. So obnoxious... This is the second major detail I want to say.

Forceleaving. If we were to keep it the way it is, a powerfaction can go raidable in a split second. Forceleaves are exactly infernal deaths, but more common. You don't have lives, join a faction, get in combat, /forceleave (or whatever the command is). Please change forceleaving/forceleaves to the actual death (0.01/0.05/0.10)

Smaller details:

Raiding, I know it's Kitmap, and you shouldn't be able to raid, but I feel if you die you should lose like 0.05/0.10 DTR, instead of 0.01. If you import this feature, please make /gkit available for everyone on Kits, but you can't use it in combat (unless you have the gkit unlocked/bought). If we import this feature, I jump off cliff's a lot to go back to spawn so I can grab a kit, or something. Maybe only be able to do Miner kit, but please do something like this, or if you don't do this, do /spawn.

Spawn. I HATE running to spawn. Takes way too long. Please import /spawn, you need to be off combat, and 15/20s time to go to spawn.

Bigger enderchest. I have 3 vipersets, 4 partner items [not one of each kind, like 5-7], A full p3p2 set, with a koth fire, and a viperbow. I can't store any more items after this. Please make more items in the enderchest, I can't use it anymore. Then think what happens when I get more PP items. I'll have to throw out a viperset, which I wouldn't like to. Please make a few PV (personal vault)/Echests.

I know its kits and all, and not many people take it seriously, because infernal exists, but what if you are 1dtr on infernal, what do you do? Mostly, I go on kits. But, if you play kits a lot (like me and my friends)/more than normal, you might want these features. Even if you don't play it that much, and might just want to play infernal, and stop by kits a few times, you could be able to practice for kits like this.

Going raidable (with my new DTR update I stated). I think that being able to mine the blocks is fine, open fencegates, fine, but open chests... I don't think opening chests is a good idea, I mean you are raidable, but if you don't have the Echest update, everyone has like 20 vipersets in a subclaim. Sure, chests would be good but at least not do subclaims (if you don't have the PV update).

Subclaims/Captains/Owners. I have been in many factions on kits before, and I've had my fair share of stolen items. In subclaims. It's normally all Captains, and maybe Co-owners. I say that either just co-owners, or just owners should be able to take stuff out of subclaims, or maybe no one at all (besides the subclaim owner). The others might be able to just view the subclaim, but not take items. Maybe the owner of the faction could take items out of a subclaim, but maybe add a type of subclaim where people can view but no one including the faction owner would be able to take the items out of it.


If you add all these updates, it might make kitmap unplayable, so the staff members, choose the updates out of my list, thank you!

Thanks to everyone who has talked about these updates, I just decided to put some together and add a few more of my ideas.

If you support this thread, I don't know, like it? Your choice, I want this thread to go through staff.
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brain big. but i think that if a faction goes raidable. people should be able to open subclaims. a raid is a raid.


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brain big. but i think that if a faction goes raidable. people should be able to open subclaims. a raid is a raid.
Yeah, but forceleaves... Those can make a powerfaction go raidable in a split second.


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Adding on to the crosspearling subject, Viper is mainly focused on the amazing people, amazing kits and the good pearling they have on Infernal Realm. I know they might be different realms, but I mainly use kits to PRACTICE what ever i need to practice, An example is, I was practicing how to tank in Archer for fun, Please make pearling the same on kits.