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All Time Viper Infernal Faction Tier list (All time)


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I saw a tier post using the infernal that is now! This infernal is the most P2W infernal yet so I decided how about we include the factions from now to the factions that started on the first map of Infernal.

Factions that will be Used (Leader Included)

Africa (48t)
Blacklisted (Ryhi)
GirlScouts (EverywhereMessi)
FullSend (Awda)
Cereal (AwetanXD)
Experience (Kenced / Paaier)
NoComp (v9w)
HoesMad (GangAssist)
Pheonix (Pinkname)
Overcook (Yikes)
Sinister (wtfconquer)
Demons (Validfaith)
Tali (MeeZoid)
PoshPlus (Idk the leader)
Allah (Carrota)
Vanguard (DogDiner)
World (Dewplexy)
Valk (idk leader)

(All will have Valid reasons) (Let me know if I forgot anyone!)

Tier 1:

FullSend - This may seem bias, but the first three maps of Viper Infernal FullSend in total capped 3 Citadels (3/3) was F Top #1 all three times. Most kills on the server all three times. We then all Got blacklisted for nothing. People still wonder why the first 3 maps of infernal Died well you have your answer we eliminated the entire server population. Also let me add on that this was before this Highroller B.S with all kits and shit. This was before the B.S SOTW timer that made setting up use 0 skill.

GirlScouts - It would be pretty unfair to put the best Current Viper Infernal Faction below this, but yes this faction has dominated the last 5 or 6 infernal maps. Although they do have a lot of Highrollers they still have an insane Core that have Game Sense they've capped every citadel they've tried contesting and they're overall one of the greatest infernal factions to play so far.

Tier 2:

Yikes - This team was good in the New Age of infernal. They went crazy and had some really good players but they abused the shit out of the Switch Stick and went P2W this is why they aren't tier 1.

HoesMad - Amazing faction, used to dominate Infernal tons of F top placements gg.

Blacklisted - They had some insane maps of recent in the new Infernal, they improved a lot and got some really solid players and they went crazy a couple maps and dominated.

Allah - Insane faction, never "ran" the server but could if they took it 100% serious won lots of fights and they go crazy.

Botburgers = Solid faction, not the greatest memebrs but they were f top #1 a lot.

Tier 3:

NoComp: Not the greatest Faction, but was always there never stopped playing and always made some noise. I think they were F top #1 a couple times and overall a decent faction.

Experience: They started in the New Infernal Age, with abusive partner packages etc never has been F Top #1 but has always done decent on Maps and goes crazy in nether.

Sinister: This happend for two maps, but in those two maps they went crazy and had F top #1 placements in one of them and were unbeatable.

Tali: Have played since the beginning deserve some credit and they've but up some insane fights at citadels etc and have capped some citadel to. + Faction has some pretty old players who've been in some insane factions in the past.

Valk: They did good one map, that map they legit beat everyone insane faction has a ton of players in Weebs and they go crazy.

Tier 4:

Demons: Never really made any noise on Infernal, but they're a good squads faction and if they had higher ranks they would probably be able to run infernal maps.

World: A decent faction, has been playing fora while and they are able to beat a ton of factions in the infernal today.

Cereal: Have never really made any noise on Infernal they came back recently and haven't really done anything but overall a decent fac better then Pheonix and Poshplus.

Pheonix: Not really a "Good" faction but stagnant and tier 5 is gonna be putting some really shit factions there.

PoshPlus: Never fought them, what I understand is they're decent but not a good solid faction Demons & World 100% better then Pheonix and PoshPlus.

Tier 5:

Africa: 48t leads this faction, there is legit no argument where you could say that 48t could lead anything other then a tier 5.

Vanguard: they're just dogshit


Kinda funny cause our Faction (Wanheda) in the last 3 maps we played never lost a fight to the fac that u nominated, you are not tier 1