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Base Competition. +1


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I think that hcf would look like a good community if we all built bases that take time and dedication, what I mean by this is that viper should have base competitions. These competitions can be won by having polls/votes announced in the discord or in a telegram, the owners take a picture of the top 10 bases they think are good and post it in the discord/tele. Later, players vote on which base is the best. Winners of the competition should eligible to some keys on the next sotw or a box around there claim so they can make a base the map after without being disturbed. Personally this will bring a smile to my face to see people actually trying in there bases this also will lower the rates of people having toxic bases which usually destroys the hcf community

Also, partners video's would look a little bit better with all the cool bases around, back when lolitsalex was around he would do base tours of the people near him which I think is pretty cool. Now that the gang is back like tali, I think hcf is so much more together and not that separated. This building competition can open non-hcf players eyes on how hcf really is, personally when I used to watch lolitsalex I always wanted a cool ass base. Right now, I'm not really seeing some cool bases because of the 2-3 high trappers.

Rewards, I don't really expect much from rewards but I do have some suggestions like having a spawned in box for you or some keys for someones next sotw, which really motives a player to keep playing the game because they actually have stuff to do.

A no rank can mine/vote for some keys and get vals sell all there vals and make the best base ever and have keys for his next sotw or even a box around there claim. Personally having a box around your claim is very good to have because of the people getting in the way or just being annoying.

- Cool bases every map
- Helps you get better at building
- Having youtubers/partners come to your base for a base tour and have them do parkour like lolitsalex.
- Possible rewards (if you win)
- Recognition if you win or if you just have a cool base.
- Helps you have patience
- Helps you become dedicated.

- Unfortunately bases are 1 week, so it's a 1 time thing after a week.
- Working hard on your bases.

- Keys.
- A Box on SOTW.
- Custom Build Cloaks
- Rank Upgrade.
- A Rank (30d)
- A kit (30d)
- Partner Packages.

As an old hcf players I think this would really help the hcf community grow a bit and will really help show players there skills when it comes to playing hcf.

Best Regards,


Let me know about your opinions, I would love to hear what you guys have to say. If you have some idea's for rewards put it in the comments and I'll add them to the post.