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yo lol after 1 year I go on minecraft again to spend my time in quarantine lmao

ign : arap
classes : diamond, archer
ranks : none ( i guess if u recruit someone only if he has a rank u aint understanding nothing )

past facs : amigos ( hcteams map 10,11 ign : embrxce lost the account lol ) nightmare ( hcteams map 12,13,14 ign : embrxce ) pepe ( hcteams map 15 ign : embrxce ) polymorphic ( hcteams map 17 ign : hyza not my account lol ) viagra ( arcane squads a few maps ign : arap ) tennisplayers ( a few arcane squads map ign : arap )

basically my account was an sfa account that I bought in 2016 ( now anson6669 ) but it got taken back by someone then I had to play on friends accounts for a while then i did get another sfa account ( now Roberto71 ) that got taken back too then i just decided to stop playin mc anymore but now we're in quarantine and one of my friend gave me an unmigrated account that a just renamed by my ign so i decided to play mc while the quarantine goes on.

hop I get recruitied in a serious faction btw im not runnin in bases / trapping just here for tf and koth u know.

btw i dont really know the meta in viper idk who is good who isnt so yeeee

:) thx boiz