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Cqsperr's Ban appeal


New member
Your IGN: Cqsperr

What server were you banned on?: I got banned on kitmap

When were you banned (Include Date and Time)?: 01:03 18-6-2022 EU time CET / ban is: perm

Do you have any previous punishments?: I dont know but i dont think so.

Are you guilty?:

I logged off with my alt account alll32 becuse i was playing astralmc. Then i logged off for the night. Then i started my pc back up out of school. and i logged on viper with the alt by accident i dint know i was logged on that account. i saw i was banned on that account becuse 20 people use that account. i logged back on my main account (Cqsperr) and i was playinh for 7+ hours. and i went true a netherportal and i got perm banned. i went in ts and they said i need to make a appeal so i did

Accounts thats banned: Alll32 / My main account: Cqsperr I

Do you have any evidence to support the appeal?: N/A