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As most of you know, there has been talk about a regular factions server being added to Viper and most of you also know that I own DecimatePvP, a pretty large competitive regular factions server. We’ve been working in the background to ensure that this will be suitable for Viper’s community, and we want to announce that Decimate will officially be merging into Viper. There isn’t a set release date yet, but stay tuned, it’s coming sooner than you think.

Some things to note:
  • Staff members from Decimate (all highly qualified, and trusted) will be joining Viper once the merge has taken place to staff Factions, HCF staff members will remain staffing on HCF / Kits (no problem there)
  • Players who donated on Decimate will be able to reclaim credits on a reclaim server, usable on faction packages, more information on this will be down below.
  • Support will be done in both Discord and TeamSpeak. We're still deciding whether or not HCF will also offer support on Discord.
Claiming Process

The claiming process will be similar to how it was a few months ago. You will be able to login to Upon connecting, type /credits. This will show you your credit amount. You’ll be able to type /buy to utilize those credits. Currently, credits are restricted to ranks, start of the world items (like trench picks, wands, etc.) and certain god kits.
If you have any issues with this system, such as a wrongful displayed credit amount, you can open a thread under donation support on these forums.

This system will be up on Saturday, May 4th. We'll let you all know.

Closing Remarks

Again, I'd like to welcome the players of Decimate to Viper. We're so excited to have you here! Ensure that you are in our Discord and you follow our social media accounts. Our twitter can be found here, and our Discord can be found here.
Please make sure to join and follow!

Thank you everyone for your support, we wouldn’t have been able to do this without you.

Viper Ownership Team
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