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Faction Strikes [IDEA]


New member
Viper been kinda boring to me lately because theres alot of cheaters , kill boosters , etc and theres alot of cheaters on alts and they dont care to get banned because they can just log on a new alt and get invited to the faction because the faction doesnt get any strikes or anything.
and another idea is i think there should be atleast a 2 minute timer deathban even if you have lives because theres alot of times where the bard or a diamond dies in a teamfight and they can instantly come back and then the other team is screwed because the guy comes back with another full loadout and most of the times they need to kite and end up dying.


Staff Member

Personally, I don't see a lot of cheaters on Viper, whether it be blatant or closet cheaters, so I can't really see your view there. I do however understand your concern and would somewhat agree with what you said about being able to return to a teamfight for example with a FULL loadout within minutes. Especially considering teamfighting requires excellent usage of pots and conservation of them. Someone returning with an additional 24+ pots can be the whole fight lost.



New member
Not really, Viper doesn't have a lot of cheater. And it's kitmap, what's the point of lives.