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Factions Aurora Map 1 ($2500 F-TOP PRIZE)


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Hey everyone,

Many of you guys have been requesting a vanilla styled faction server. This will be styled similarly to Decimate's Mercury dimension, which means a far better pvp experience.

Factions Aurora releases on...
Saturday, 10th of August at 3:00 PM ET, 12 PM PT, 8 PM GMT

Map One Features...
  • 50 Man Faction Sizes
  • 12 Corners spread across 3 Worlds
  • Over world border is 10,000 x 10,000. Nether & End are both 5,000 x 5,000.
  • Limited Biomes enabled. The clean biomes that are enabled are Plains, Forest, Savanna, Taiga, Mesa & Desert.
  • There will be no dungeons that spawn underground
  • The economy for Factions Aurora can be found here
  • Teaming and allying on this map will not be allowed.
  • 50%of all value must stay placed once grace period ends until map ends.
  • 650 Slots on release

$2,500 F-Top Prize
For this first map, there will be $2,500 in total prizes.
Please note that prizes will not be paid out for the first week as it is grace period. The distribution and weekly payouts can be seen below:
We've also gone ahead and made a /ftopcredits redeem command in-game. Instead of giving Buycraft, we will be giving these credits. Everything will be redeemable except for gift cards.

1st: $800 PayPal & $600 Credits
2nd: $400 PayPal & $300 Credits
3rd: $200 PayPal & $200 Credits

Bug Fixes / Suggestions
We've fixed many of the bugs you players reported. A brief list can be found below, showcasing all the bug fixes.
  • Fixed many memory leaks from cannoning, there is no more lag when cannoning
  • Increased obsidian durability from one shot of TNT to three
  • All trench and tray pickaxes will give you Haste 3 when used
  • Added upgradeable harvester hoes (for cane maps)
  • Added players rank being shown in the players nametag
  • Removed the ability to create weakness and slowness potions
  • Added a fix hand sign at spawn
  • Alts will now auto respawn if they die
  • Added a confirmation to /f disband and /f unclaimall
  • Changed the /f seechunk particle
  • Outposts will now broadcast messages in 20% intervals, instead of 5%
  • Added /f raidclaim
  • Added Patch Genbuckets
  • Made it so when capturing outpost, spawner rates, and xp rates will increase 2x
    It will also give you $50,000 every 5 minutes captured
  • Added a KOTH schedule
  • Added exclusive ViperHCF pearls and knockback to the faction servers
  • Added /duel in-game, admins can host PVP related events with that
  • Added a feature called /sandy. This will spawn in an NPC which can print in sand in desirable areas (such as filling in a cannon, up to you)
  • Removed Tinker and Destroy Dust from the /ce GUI
  • You will now only get success dust from /tinker but the max success percent has been reduced to 5.
  • Removed Basic, Rare, and Legendary tier and added one purchase option that costs 7,500 EXP each.
If you're interested in viewing a full feature list, simply look at that Map 1 Thread here.

To verify,
Factions Aurora releases on...
Saturday, 10th of August at 3:00 PM ET, 12 PM PT, 8 PM GMT

See you there!
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I really do not agree with this you have to buy another rank and shit i had legit top rank on every realm on decimate