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Read Me Factions Exodus Map 2 ($2500 F-TOP PRIZE)


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Hey everyone,

We released Exodus Map 1 nearly a month ago. Now, there were some issues that we experienced but those were all resolved in a timely manner. It was a very successful launch nonetheless with over 800 of you showing up, completely destroying the slots set on Exodus. I'd like to thank all of you who played the first map, as it was a great "practice" release for me since I had not touched the Faction setup in over 4 months.

This is no major release (no shit, it's map 2), but that doesn't mean it won't be fun. We've decided to hold off on a trailer, since having a trailer with no major content changes is quite stupid.
Regardless, this should be a very fun map with it being a cane based map, as opposed to being a cactus map that many of you didn't like.

Factions Exodus releases on...
Saturday, 20th of July at 3:00 PM ET, 12 PM PT, 8 PM GMT

Map Two Features...
  • 50 Man Faction Sizes
  • 12 Corners spread across 3 Worlds
  • Over world border is 10,000 x 10,000. Nether & End are both 5,000 x 5,000.
  • Limited Biomes enabled. The clean biomes that are enabled are Plains, Forest, Savanna, Taiga, Mesa & Desert.
  • There will be no dungeons that spawn underground
  • The economy for Factions Exodus can be found here
  • Teaming and allying on this map will not be allowed.
  • The hiding of spawners will not be allowed. All value must be placed.
  • 650 Slots on release

$2,500 F-Top Prize
For this first map, there will be $2,500 in total prizes.
Please note that prizes will not be paid out for the first week as it is grace period. The distribution and weekly payouts can be seen below:
We've also gone ahead and made a /ftopcredits redeem command in-game. Instead of giving Buycraft, we will be giving these credits. Everything will be redeemable except for gift cards.

1st: $600 PayPal & $300 Credits
2nd: $350 PayPal & $200 Credits
3rd: $210 PayPal & $150 Credits
4th: $200 Credits
5th: $150 Credits
6th: $125 Credits
7th: $75 Credits
8th: $65 Credits
9th: $50 Credits
10th: $25 Credits

Bug Fixes / Suggestions
We've fixed many of the bugs you players reported. In total, we fixed over 30 issues that were reported. We actively fix issues, so if you encounter any problems during Map 2, please let us know. A brief list can be found below, showcasing all the bug fixes.
  • The cooldown on /fix hand & /fix all was removed
  • Regeneration potions were removed from the shop
  • Made it so /chunkinfo's value is in simpler terms, so you don't have to count all the numbers
  • Item stacking has been resolved (where items that were dropped didn't stack)
  • Added pages to /f logs, so you aren't spammed in one go
  • Added an /f perm to alternate access to the /f log command
  • Disabled the use of item frames to minimize the chances of dupes
  • Running /f unclaim <number> will no longer spam your chat
  • Removed the feature where you couldn't /f home if an enemy was within 32 blocks of you
  • Added proper command aliases /gen, /genbucket to /gb (opening the genbucket menu)
  • /f log roster will now log promotions and demotions - as well as who executed the commands
  • Running /f money d all will no longer throw an error
  • Nametags will now properly reflect your relationship with another player
  • Sugarcane broken with a harvester how will now reflect your /stats
  • The auto boss will now actually spawn a boss
  • The "territory" /f perm has been fixed
  • Printer will now disable if an enemy is within 50 blocks, /f alts is an exception
  • Genbuckets will no longer work if an enemy is within 50 blocks (excluding grace period)
  • You can no longer use pistons to get outside of the world border
  • /f logs chest will now show the name of the tools added (Trench Pickaxes, Trays, etc)
  • Updated the staff mode for staff members
  • Hoes have been fixed when interacting a collection block
  • Efficiency on trench pickaxes will no longer get auto removed
  • Horizontal genbuckets have been fixed
  • Blocks placed in /printer mode has been fixed, they will now reflect towards your /stats & battle pass
  • Lightning Enchant will no longer hurt players that are frozen
  • Harvester hoes now give out mcMMO herbalism levels
  • You can no longer place stacked potions in brewing stands
  • You now MUST be in a faction to access printer mode
  • You can no longer spawn bosses at /spawn
  • Your prefix will no longer be broken when /msging people
  • Protection 7 & Sharpness 7 has been reduced to 6
  • Fixed a multitude of typos found in the server
  • Fixed a major memory leak + crashing issue. The server is even more smoother.
If you're interested in viewing a full feature list, simply look at that Map 1 Thread here.

All the bugs on Map 1 that were reported has been fixed for Map 2. If there's anything you want added, or adjusted that isn't in this thread - simply create a suggestion on the forums.

We've worked hard this map to ensure we adjust the gameplay, specifically pvp since many of you complained about it during Map 1.

To verify,
Factions Exodus releases on...
Saturday, 20th of July at 3:00 PM ET, 12 PM PT, 8 PM GMT

See you there!