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Read Me Factions Exodus Map 3


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Hey everyone,

Welcome to the official Map 3 release thread.

Factions Exodus releases on...
Saturday, 31st of August at 3:00 PM ET, 12 PM PT, 8 PM GMT

Map Three Features...
  • 30 Man Faction Sizes
  • 12 Corners spread across 3 Worlds
  • Over world border is 10,000 x 10,000. Nether & End are both 5,000 x 5,000.
  • Limited Biomes enabled. The clean biomes that are enabled are Plains, Forest, Savanna, Taiga, Mesa & Desert.
  • There will be no dungeons that spawn underground
  • The economy for Factions Exodus can be found here (Sugar Cane + Silverfish Eco)
  • Autofarms are NOT allowed
  • Teaming and allying on this map will not be allowed.
  • The hiding of spawners will NOT be allowed. All value must be placed.
  • /ftop will be frozen for 24 hours BEFORE payout. You will not be able to place spawners.
  • 650 Slots on release

$2,000 F-Top Prize
For this first map, there will be $2,000 in total prizes.
Now that school is starting, we've decided to drop the total prizes you are able to get whilst playing here.
However, once November / December come by we will be upping these back up to $2,500.
This is PER week payout, there are a total of 2 payout weekends.

1st: $200 PayPal & 250 Credits
2nd: $110 PayPal & 150 Credits
3rd: $50 PayPal & 100 Credits
4th: $15 PayPal & 75 Credits
5th: $50 Credits

Bug Fixes / Suggestions
We've fixed many of the issues reported and decided to add some more features to the server.
  • Fixed an issue where genbuckets would patch up to 256.
  • Fixed an issue where changing repeater ticks in /printer wouldn’t save when you logged out..
  • Fixed an issue where flight would be disabled upon exiting /printer even if faction fly was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where nametags wouldn’t update if a player left/joined a faction.
  • Fixed an issue where players could mine blocks in /printer.
  • Fixed an issue where all of the items inside /filter would be set to not pickup.
  • Fixed an issue where you could rename chunkbusters and use them as end portals.
  • Many more fixes that can be found in the updates channel in the Viper Comp Factions Discord.
  • Added /f stats <sugarcane, cactus, playtime>. Upon running this command a gui inventory will open sorting all faction members with the most sugarcane harvested, cactus placed, and playtime respectively.
  • Added printable genbuckets.
  • Added a new design to the genbucket gui.
  • Added logs to collection blocks. You can now run /f logs collectors.
  • Rather than purchasing 64 genbuckets at once, you will now be charged for each bucket placed.
  • Added /chatstatus where you can see if the chat is currently muted or slowed.
  • Added decimals to the /ftop change in value.
  • Now, if you fall into the void you will be teleported to spawn rather than dying.
  • The outpost losing capture percent will now show every 20%.
  • Admins can now interact with player’s inventories within the /staff mode.
If you're interested in viewing a full feature list, simply look at that Map 1 Thread here.

All the bugs on Map 2 that were reported has been fixed for Map 3. If there's anything you want added, or adjusted that isn't in this thread - simply create a suggestion on the forums.

To verify,
Factions Exodus releases on...
Saturday, 31st of August at 3:00 PM ET, 12 PM PT, 8 PM GMT

See you there!