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Habit__ / zReject BanAppeal


New member
IGN: Habit__ or my alt, zReject
What server are you banned on: Kits
Do you have any previous punishments?: Nope, i have been ssed 2 days before i got ssed again, the first ss i was good to go.
Are you guilty?: No, i am not guilty of cheating, but there is a deeper explanation needed.
Do you have any evidence to support your appeal?: nope, maybe a 5 minute clip of before i got frozen (clipped immediately after i got frozen.

So basically, i have been screenshared twice in one week, in the first ss my AnyDesk took a while to work, but after a while it started working. They ran echo on me and nothing was found.
2 days after i got frozen again, and my anydesk wasnt working again, but i had faith in not getting banned because i havnt installed any cheats on this pc at all. They got unpatient however and one of the admins added me on discord, he ran echo on me with 2 failed attempts of "connection issue". The third attempt however was successful, the admins left the call for 10 minutes and came back with the unfortunate result of my ban, they said i was banned for refusal to ss. (i didnt refuse at all and i even said we could try again). (keep in mind we only tried 2 times while the first time i got ssed we tried like 12 times before my anydesk started working)

I am sure they didnt find any cheats because if they had i would have been banned for cheating, but i think they just didnt want to be embaressed to let me go twice in 1 week. I didnt have any intention to refuse, but my anydesk want working properly. I even screenshared the attempts of connecting to his anydesk on discord screenshare.
You can ss me again. I have nothing to hide and i main this server cuz this server is just very cool to play on, pls unban me or at least reduce the ban. Thank You :) (if you want more info or have any questions) discord: ooohjeeeh#4038

(after ss, admin joins back the call + conversation of how it has lead upto my ban)

(minutes leading up to my ban) dont know if usefull
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