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I Have Not Received The Items I Purchased.

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Hello, I am quite disappointed to say I have not received the items I purchased for me (ign: Smokeloud) or my friend(ign: FiveFrames) on Oct 16, 2020 15:34:58 PDT
I have received both receipts for the ranks I purchased through only PayPal via Email. Money was instantly taken from my PayPal account. I received a thank you message from viper on the checkout page, Saying to Contact a Staff Member On The Server if i have no received my purchase within 10 Minutes. Me and my friend both purchased these ranks for SOTW and we' were hoping it would boost our queue position so we were able to at least get on and play. But unfortunately we were not on until after both SOTW Timer ended , The First Key All & The Meezoid Key all! We were both extremely unsatisfied. I went into the TS 20 minutes after I purchased my ranks, I sat in the Buycraft Support Room for close to 20 Minutes. A mod accidentally moved me and was extremely rude about the situation i was explaining to him so he then moved me back to the Buycraft Support Room, Where after 10 minutes An Admin moved me into a room & I explained the whole situation. He told me he saw the order and to wait an hour and if I did not receive it to go back in the TS felt like he was rushing me out of the Teamspeak., An hour and 30 minutes later I went back into the TeamSpeak as I'm still in the position queue to infernal! Where another staff member went over my situation this time telling me to wait 24 Hours as PayPal Received My Payment however VeroxServices did not. The money was instantly taken out of my account, I still have not received either ranks(Cinder) for me or my friend. Hope to find a resolution outside of PayPal Dispute Center. Thanks.
Not open for further replies.