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IM_Toxic1, hopparen2 Ban appeal

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Thank you for taking the time to come and appeal your punishment, if you feel you were wrongfully punished, here's the format to follow.

Please wait 3 months after the previous ban appeal is denied to re-apply.

Note: Title your thread <Username>'s Ban Appeal

Your IGN: IM_Toxic1, hopparen2
What server were you banned on?: kitmap
When were you banned (Include Date and Time)?: I doesnt tell me
Do you have any previous punishments?: Probably
Are you guilty?: Yes
Do you have any evidence to support the appeal?: I have played really long time on your server and im very sorry that im got banned and im angry at myself for hacking just beacause my friends asked me and it was very stupid. I know i have hacked but pls unban or give me ban a year i want too play sometime i i promise i will never hack again. (I want too appeal for both accounts bc it got ip banned when i hacked on my alt)