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Increase Partner Packages! Everyone will hate this idea, but do it...

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There are way to many 1 dtr trappers rn. More in chat then any other map i've seen. I can only assume that this is because of the nurf of the bone, and the nurf of the pp items in general like switch sticks.

There is an inbalance and an increase in pp item ability could fix this. Now, I dont have any idea how this could be done, maybe reversing switch stick or exotic bone changes might work, but I think creating different pp items might be the best solution.

Its a hard problem to solve. Find pp items that do not effect koth style pvp as much, but effect around the base pvp/in base pvp drastically. (maybe remove pp item abilities in event zones?)

To the community: Are there any abilities that you would like to see added that solve this problem?