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Read Me Infernal 2.0's Information, Bug fixes, QOL changes, and more! ☀️

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Good Afternoon,

Welcome to the fifth week of our Summer Update! This post will be a lighter one, as we wrap up the month of July with another Wave of bug fixes and Quality of Life changes. We are still working hard behind the scenes on the remaining features, and I can ensure that the month of August will be filled with a lot of content and surprises, so hopefully, you guys are looking forward to that, and thanks for being patient with us. You can check the changelog for this week down below.

Infernal ☀️
Everything regarding Infernal can be found here.

Release Date:
EOTW: Today, July 29th at 5PM ET
SOTW: Tomorrow, July 30th at 6PM ET
Map Kit: Protection 1, Sharpness 1, Power 3
Team Size: 7 Mans, No Allies
SOTW Timer: 2 Hours
Key All's: 7PM ET - 11PM ET

Change Log:
- Fixed some chat formatting issues with Outpost
- Crystal Frenzy does no longer reward 4x Crystals to the faction that has the outpost buff.
- Capping Outpost now gives 30 Crystals/F Top Points
- Added an LC Waypoint in the Nether for Outpost.
- Fixed some minor issues with Boosters
- Fixed some issues where people couldn't see the red glass during SOTW
- Fixed issues with people not being able to redeem Crystal Vouchers from Fishing.
- Ender Dragon Event should now properly reward two Dragon Eggs instead of one.
- Fixed issues with Top 3 winners during Ender Dragon Event not being displayed properly in chat.
- Ender Dragon now has a Health Bar displayed at the top

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