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Read Me Infernal 2.0's Information, Crypto Exchange, Bug fixes, and more! 🌴

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Good Afternoon,

Welcome to the fourth week of our Summer Update! It's been almost one month since our Summer Update and we want to thank you all for your continuous support and love.
We are very hard at work to bring you guys all the promised content from the Summer Update, and we are aiming to release new fresh content and bug fixes every week so players have something to look forward to.
One thing players have asked us to implement over a long period is an easier way to spend cryptocurrency on our store, and we are happy to announce that you can now use cryptocurrency on our store by visiting crypto.vipermc.net. You can choose out of a wide variety of different currencies. It's important to note that when you exchange the currency, you have to put in a valid e-mail address so you can receive your Buycraft Voucher.
This week's changelog will be smaller than usual while we prepare bigger features for the next coming weeks, you can check out the changelog down below.

Infernal ☀️
Everything regarding Infernal can be found here.

Release Date:
EOTW: Today, July 22nd at 5PM ET
SOTW: Tomorrow, July 23rd at 6PM ET
Map Kit: Protection 1, Sharpness 1, Power 3
Team Size: 3 Mans, No Allies
SOTW Timer: 2 Hours and 30 Minutes
Key All's: 7PM ET - 11PM ET

Change Log:
- All Class Ultimate issues have been fixed
1. Mage Ultimate now gives people 8 seconds of Slowness/Nausea/Poison
2. Miner now gives 4% ultimate charge when mining redstone
3. Rogue Backstab now gives 10% ultimate charge as intended, also using Ultimate gives u Resistance 3 for 8 Seconds.
Also fixed inconsistencies with rogue backstab, should no longer encounter the "failed to backstab" issue.

- All bugs with /claimrank have been fixed and players can redeem their free rank.
- Outpost issues have been fixed and has been fully deployed to Infernal.
- Cryptocurreny has been added as a payment option to our store, visit https://crypto.vipermc.net.

Information regarding our new website to come shortly as well. Stay tuned! 👀

Summer Sale ☀️
Click here to view our store.

Our massive Summer Sale is here! Everything from High Roller, to our all new Partner Packages, to Mystery Boxes, to Prefixes, and more is on sale. Be sure to take advantage of the sale while it lasts!

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Trust me viper staff no one will like 3 man factions lmao
Everyone that reads this give me a +1 to make sure faction size wont be 3 mans please


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Wtf are these faction sizes i rlly wana know which retard thinks 3 mans is gona be fun
Actually three mans is fun for people with smaller factions. Not everyone can have 10 plus people on. Most of the time big factions just cheese mid size factions lmao


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Actually three mans is fun for people with smaller factions. Not everyone can have 10 plus people on. Most of the time big factions just cheese mid size factions lmao
Yea all these people with the 10 mans mad its only 1 map like jeez I usually have like a 3 man so this is perfect for me


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they said that pearls, automated events, loot drops, and more would be added this map :(
Pearls are making good progress, we ran into some issues here and there that we are still working on fixing, and we wanna make sure that pearls will still work 100% fine with those changes.
Events are more complicated cause we need to test each event individually (there are like 8 unique events in total) and there is a lot that goes into the testing process and making sure everything works as intended.
I know it's annoying that in the past we promised players certain features but they ended up not being added that week and that's exactly what we trying to improve on starting with this week. Still, plenty of stuff left to look forward to! :)
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