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Read Me Infernal 2.0's SOTW Information, Practice Season 1, and more! 🍾🍂


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Good Afternoon,

Welcome to the second week of the Anniversary Update! We made sure to separate our biggest releases accordingly this update so you all get the chance to play every single one. This week will consist of Infernal 2.0's SOTW and Practice Season 1, but we aren't stopping there - we are anticipating a Creative Season 1 release next week along with the debut of Profiles (Friends, Squads, Cosmetics, and more). With that being said, stay tuned as the rest of October is going to be an exciting one. Everything else regarding this week's releases can be found below.

Thank you guys so much for your continued love and support. The first week of the update was a success and it's all thanks to you all. 🧡

Infernal 2.0 🕷🕸
Everything you need to know regarding Infernal 2.0 can be found here.

Map Kit: Protection 1, Sharpness 1, Power 3
Team Size: 10 Man Teams, No Allies
Release Date: Tomorrow, October 23rd at 6:00 PM EST

#1 team on /f top will be receiving the first claim on South Road
Old challenges have been removed from /challenges
Treasure Island chests can be opened
All existing bugs with Partner Packages have been patched
You now shave off 7m of deathban time instead of 5m when you kill a player in the deathban arena
...and many more promised features to come next week! 👀

Practice Season 1 ⚔️
Everything you need to know about Practice and its debut can be found here.

Release Date: Saturday, October 24th at 3:00 PM EST

It's been a long time coming, but Practice will finally be making its debut on Viper. Everything you need to know regarding Season 1 can be found below:

Lunar Client protected queue
For those who want certainty that they are not playing against a cheater.
Team fights with classes
In order to use a class, the leader of your party has to put you in one. The leader can choose from Bard, Rogue, Archer, and
Automated tournaments
Every 3 hours a tournament will commence. Random ladders, random team sizes.
All new ranked system:
Ranked is similar to Rocket League's. Instead of elo starting at 1000, there are ranks. Starting from Bronze all the way to
Ping matchmaking
You no longer have to queue against players with high ping if you don't want to. There is an in game setting that allows
you to only queue against players with a certain ping.
Never seen before ladders
We will be introducing our very own unique HCF ladder. The map is a cutout of an actual HCF map. Player 1 spawns inside
the base, player 2 spawns outside the base. Both players will be given Partner Package items and will have to utilize them
in order to win. This is a great way for our players to adapt to new Partner Package items. We're confident you will fall in
love with this ladder.

More information on Creative Season 1 and Profiles to release next week along with a few other surprises. Stay tuned! 👀

Thank you for reading,
Spyno 🎃