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Read Me Infernal SOTW (New Content!)


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Hello folks!

Welcome back. This week of the Summer Update will only consist of an Infernal SOTW. We are currently working on redoing both of our Saturday servers, which is why we've temporarily halted their releases. More information on that will be made public at the appropriate time. 'Til then, we have a ton of new stuff coming this Friday to Infernal. A list of everything you need to know can be found below.

Reminder that the brand new Partner Crates are available for purchase on Infernal! Once you equip a full Partner set you will be surrounded by unique particles. Seriously, it's awesome. Click here to see a preview of the particles.

Infernal 🔥
Everything in regards to this upcoming Infernal map can be found in this section of the post.

Release Date: Friday, September 6th at 6:00 PM EST
Played by MeeZoid, Br0, Zigy, HateFoo, Laserlightshot, Stepphen and PatroxWarez.

Map Kit: Protection 1, Sharpness 1, Power 3.
Roster Size: 10 Man Factions.
Allies: N/A
Classes: Rogue, Bard, Archer, and Miner are enabled.
Reputation from Reforged & Royale will carry over.
Partner Packages available for purchase on our store.

Change Log 📰
• Performance improvements! We can continue to hold 900 players at 20 TPS every SOTW.
NPC's are now next to the Partner Crates. Not sure what the Partner Particles look like? Check out the NPC's!
You can now /f create with a class on.
You can only have a total of 2 beacons in your claim from now on.
You can only have a total of 12 end portal frames in your claim from now on.
Can no longer /f stuck on any of the roads.
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