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Read Me Infernal SOTW, Winter Update information, and more! 🏂


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Good Afternoon Folks,

First and foremost I'd like to apologize for the late post. Preparation for our Winter Update has begun for those who don't already know and that's been taking up a ton of our teams time. We've been making amazing progress and we can't wait to show you all the final product. With that being said, this week will only consist of an Infernal SOTW as we take our Saturday's servers down for maintenance 'til the Winter Update. Everything you need to know for this week can be found below. As always thank you for your continuous love and support.

Winter Update

Infernal 🔥
Everything in regards to this upcoming Infernal map can be found in this section of the post.

Release Date: Friday, November 6th at 6:00 PM EST
Played by MeeZoid, Br0, Zigy, HateFoo, Laserlightshot, Stepphen and PatroxWarez.

Map Kit: Protection 1, Sharpness 1, Power 3
Roster Size: 10 Man Factions
Allies: N/A
Classes: Rogue, Bard, Archer, and Miner are enabled.
Reputation from Reforged & Royale will carry over.

New Partner Packages
Available for purchase now at

It's finally here! New, unique items for you to enjoy in combat with friends and enemies. A list of all items can be found below. Heads up that we are using a new plugin for Partner Packages. We've thoroughly tested it for bugs, however if you find something that we missed report it to us on our forums for a prize! All old Partner Package items have been considered "retired" - select items have been added to our exclusive monthly crate.

MeeZoid's Freeze Gun
Upon right clicking the diamond hoe, snowballs will be shot out of the hoe. When a player is hit by the snowball they will receive Slowness IV for 5 seconds. If you miss 3 out of 3 shots you will be put on a 10 second cooldown. If you land your shot you will be put on a 1 minute cooldown.

PatroxWarez's Egg
Upon throwing the egg and hitting a player with it within a 10 block radius, the player won't be able to place or break blocks for 15 seconds. If you miss your shot you will be put on a 10 second cooldown. If you hit your shot you will be put on a 2 minute cooldown.

Laserlightshot's Backpack
Upon right clicking the ender chest, you will be presented with an additional 9 inventory slots. Perfect for invis raiding, carrying extra potions, an extra set of armor, tools and more. No cooldown in between uses.

Br0's Invisibility
Upon right clicking the Ink Sac, your character and armor (if equipped) will become invisible. Once you are attacked the invisibility will disappear. Invisibility will last for a total of 3 minutes with a 2 minute cooldown in between uses. Perfect way to invis raid without having to be naked.

HateFoo's Second Chance
Upon clicking the feather, your ender pearl timer will be set to 0. There is a 2 minute cooldown between uses. Perfect for getting out of sticky situations.

Zigy's Swapper
Upon hitting a player once with the golden axe, one piece of the players' armor will be put in a random, vacant inventory slot of theirs. If they don't have a vacant slot open the player will receive Slowness 4 for 5 seconds instead. There is a 30 second cooldown in between uses.

Stepphen's Ninja Ability
Upon right clicking the nether star, you will be teleported to the last person that hit you within a 10 second time frame. If you don't make the 10 second window the ability will not work. 2 minute cooldown in between uses.

Adios' Grappling Hook
Upon hooking onto a player with the fishing rod, you can pull an enemy backwards by up to 3 blocks, however once you pull a player back it will reset their enderpearl cooldown giving them a chance to get away. There is a 1 minute and 30 second cooldown in between uses.

Swirls' Portable Bard
Upon right clicking the white dye, a GUI will open up with every single bard effect that you can give to your team and enemies. Upon clicking an effect, you will receive 5 portable effects. You can right click the effect and it will give it to your team or enemies depending on the item you have selected. There is a 2 minute cooldown in between uses.