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Read Me Infernal's SOTW Information, MCTeams Teaser, and more 💫🍄


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Good Morning Folks,

Welcome back to this week of the Spring Update! For those who don't already know, early in the week we announced that MCTeams is now a part of Viper. For nearly a month we have been working on making this addition to Viper and the deal closed early last week. MCTeams Map 3 will be coming to Viper this month. For those who actively read our weekly posts, I have some early information regarding MCTeams for you. This Saturday we will be giving players the first look at MCTeams Map 3 and we will be revealing the release date. With that being said, stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled on Saturday. Without further a do, everything you need to know regarding Infernal and its SOTW tomorrow can be found below.

MCTeams x Viper:

Everything in regards to this upcoming Infernal map can be found here.

EOTW: Today, April 9th at 5:00 PM EST
SOTW: Friday, April 10th at 6:00 PM EST
Key All: Friday, April 10th at 7:00 PM EST, 8:00 PM EST, and 9:00 PM EST
Played by MeeZoid, Br0, Zigy, HateFoo, Stepphen, PatroxWarez, Swirls, and Dylan_.

Map Kit: Protection 1, Sharpness 1
Roster Size: 5 Man Factions
Allies: N/A
SOTW Timer: 2 Hours
Classes: Rogue, Bard, Archer, and Miner are enabled

Change Log
All bug fixes, changes, and more can be found here.

• Queue modifications that were promised last week will be implemented this week.
• Name tags will no longer be visible when a player is invisible.
• Stepphen's Switch Stick will now point a players head all the way upwards rather than just half way.
• Mob Stacker to Kits has been implemented.
• Even more optimization has been done to Infernal. Should be able to hold over 1,200+ this SOTW.
• Playtime Rewards will be implemented this SOTW. Redeem rewards by simply typing /playtime.

• Kit PvP has been re-added to the deathban arena.

• High Roller armour, bow, and rod will now receive particles.
• Holograms in the hub will no longer disappear at random.

• Implemented a new sell sign in the shop for valuables. Right click it to sell all valuables in your inventory rather than having to click all 6 individual signs.
• KOTH's will no longer terminate at random on Infernal and Kits.

...and everything else that was promised for last week.

Pearling Guidelines
Details regarding our pearling guidelines can be found here.

We've gone ahead and decided to make our pearling guidelines available for the public to see. We don't want players under the impression they are being false banned and that our partners are never getting banned. To get rid of all confusion and to make sure our players avoid getting banned for pearl glitching as much as possible, MeeZoid has created a forums post that goes in depth regarding how pearling works on Viper. The link to that forums post can be found below. Read carefully, follow all rules, and happy playing.

With all of that being said I'd consider this post as complete. We look forward to seeing you this Friday at 6:00 PM EST. We anticipate a smooth, on time SOTW so make sure to be there! And stay tuned for our announcement this weekend which will be revealed on the Viper Twitter.

With all of that being said we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow! Keep your eyes peeled on the Viper Twitter this Saturday as well.

With Love,
Spyno 💫