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Read Me Infernal's SOTW, Viper's move to 1.8, & New anti cheat! πŸƒ


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Good Morning,

Welcome to another week of the Spring Update! We are pleased to announce that after a multitude of complications, Viper is now fully 1.8. Players can still connect using 1.7.10, but we will be rewarding all of our players using 1.8.9 with all new in game content starting from 1.8 blocks, armor stands, and new potion effects all the way to custom 1.8 features created by our team. Additionally, our new anti cheat will officially go into production this SOTW. Please report any and all bugs to staff in TeamSpeak for an in game reward.

Hope to see all of you this Saturday, at 2:00 PM EST! πŸ’š

Community Map 4 - F TOP & Build Competition

This will be updated once EOTW has begun, EOTW for the community Realm takes place today, at 6:00 PM EST. F TOP & Base competition will be picked 5 minutes before EOTW begins.

1. $300 Buycraft Voucher & Exclusive Viper Cloaks: Girlscouts
2. $150 Buycraft Voucher: 002
3. $100 Buycraft Voucher: 000
4. $75 Buycraft Voucher: CheesexFrog
5. $50 Buycraft Voucher: Horrible
Faction Leaders will be contacted and prizes will be sent out tonight.
Message @xpismc on telegram if you do not receive a message by Saturday.

Build Competition Winners:

1. $150 Buycraft Voucher: Scumbags
2. $100 Buycraft Voucher: 002
3. $75 Buycraft Voucher: TeamChile
Faction Leaders will be contacted and prizes will be sent out tonight.
Message @xpismc on telegram if you do not receive a message by Saturday.

There is no ETA on when Community Map 5 will be, you will be notified once there is.

Spring Sale 🐍
Click here to view our store.

Our big Spring Sale is here! Everything from High Roller, to our all new Partner Packages, to Mystery Boxes, and more is on sale. Be sure to take advantage of the sale while it lasts!

Viper x Lunar Client Cosmetics 🐝
Click here to view our cosmetics.

Our brand new 8bit Spring Cloak & Bandanna have been released! We've gone with a different artist and style this time, grab these limited cosmetics while you can!

Our new 8bit Spring cosmetics can be found here.

Infernal 2.0 🌷
Everything regarding Infernal can be found here.

Key All's will take place all day tomorrow! Schedule can be found in our discord. Be sure to read the change log for this week down below.

Release Date: Saturday, April 23rd at 2:00 PM EST
Map Kit: Protection 1, Sharpness 1, Power 3
Team Size: 7 Mans, No Allies.

Change Log
  • Infernal now fully runs our 1.8 spigot. (1.7 users can still connect, but we highly recommend playing on 1.8)
  • 1.8 blocks have been added to our block shop. You may access the block shop by running /blockshop.
  • Our new anti cheat has been deployed globally.
  • Updated the SOTW timer color on the scoreboard.
  • High Roller color has been updated to the correct one.
  • An error message with KOTH Tickets was fixed.
  • A Citadel in the Nether has been added.
  • Performance boost, and a few more bug fixes.
Hope to see you all this weekend! πŸ’š

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