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NoMercy - F top 1 DQ - KITS CHANGE


New member
So considering there have occurred numerous criticisms about F opens on kits, ill love to state everything I think about it. I deem it bollox and most of all not favourable for the players. An F open - With No base and endless players should not receive the first claim on the south road. There have been countless teams who have continued grinding and struggling towards f top 1, simply for an F-Open to ravish the entire map. NoMercy have countless reports on this map, and Admins has done zero to nothing. They have had cheaters, hubbers and pack users. And nothing has been done towards it. Like what's the enjoyment of it? Should everyone just run f open where there are no consequences.

What Kits need this map
Either f top 2 should get the claim, or make it so that f top 1-2-3 get the first, second and third claim on the road.

F top 1 should get left side,
F top 2 should get the right side
And F top 3 should have the option to pick the first claim on any other road, or the second claim on the left or right side.

So there is more to work towards, I think Kits need this since it's quite annoying to be working towards something, just for f open to ruin it.
The only reason there is f opens is for people to get free keys.
Kits need to be changed.

And NoMercy should be dq´ed this map. Or F top 1-3 should get claims