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PvP Timers Looting Crates its a Problem!!


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Which server would this be Implemented On:Infernal

Your Suggestion: As viper has added supply drops there has been a sudden issue as pvp timers would get in a leather sets and go loot the crates,
this is a issue as players that are pvp enabled cant attack them witch puts the players that are in pvp timer in a big risk of geting killed/jumped,
so i suggest viper to try to fix this problem, by making pvp timers no access to open enderchest/chests, this can also stop pvp timer looting at raidable bases.

Viper should also add custom enchants to the crates as its really hard to gain your self a god /ce set because its really hard to get +dust -dust.
or kits/bard kits?

Benefits of Your Suggestion: gives players a reason to camp the crates to jump other factions or to get basic loot.

Anything Else: nope

love R_5