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Raidable "appeal" due to insiding

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Hello members and staff members, I was in teamspeak for like 3 hours, and was not moved by a Sr.Mod once.
And, I am currently in a class, and I am posting this as I can't join teamspeak. So my faction went raidable due to a STUPID member. He had been told so many times to not 1dtr trap, by me. I was just LFF so I was not captain, so I couldn't kick him. My faction were all playing other servers, so I couldn't do anything (kick him), so I there watching him, as I didn't want to go raidable. He ran outside like 3 times, and finally he gets hit away from the base. He then dies, and says "YOUR STUPID" or something like that. Here's the recording!

(My microphone wasn't working)
(When he went raidable ^)

This my spawn run after.

Faction: Turtles
My ign: Megolovania
Insider's ign: _Stepsis_wyd

Thank you SOOO much!


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Senior Admin

Please join ts.vipermc.net to get this issue resolved.

Have a good day!
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