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Listen if you have no POVs or NO PFS join a /f open faction or a faction who gives out everyone a chance. After that you start joining a bit better factions like Cinnamonbunz,Aspire,Oblivion and so on. For example Midnight is a overrated faction they dont know how to tf or how to base fight what they do is out number in tfs they only can do it like that or they will lose BUT if they do play Lunar or some shit they will get fucked by every faction there is because none of them will have ranks to revive them selves. Trust me join a Lunar teir 5 faction and then get POVs and then get decent PFS then you can join teir 4 and if you keep reapiting this process you will evuantly be able to join any fac there is! I HOPE U READ ALL OF IT<33333 NO HATE MIDNIGHT JUST UR BAD