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Read Me Spring Update Week 5


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Hey everyone.

Week 5 of the Spring Update is approaching! We've worked extremely hard in the background to deliver a smooth Week 5. Everything you need to know in regards to this week can be found below. Before you continue reading be sure to take advantage of the Spring Sale while it is still here!

Royale Map 12 releases on...
Saturday, 13th of April at 2:00 PM EST

Map Kit and Faction Sizes
Royale will have the following map kit:

Protection 1, Sharpness 1, Power 4
20 Members, 7 DTR, No Allies
All Classes Enabled

There'll be a 1 hour toggleable PVP timer for all users on the server so that there's SOTW PVP. You will not take damage whilst this is active. In regards to potions, we've disabled weakness, strength, regeneration, and instant damage. We've made the limit for poison 33s, and the limit for slowness 1m07s.

Changes and Bug Fixes
  • There was an issue last SOTW with Partner Packages and the new items. All have been fixed and all new items can be obtained by purchasing packages via our store.
  • Restricted Hub has been added.
  • We've taken a look at Regeneration and have nerfed it accordingly.
  • No longer using zPerms and LiteBans.
  • (Not a change/bug fix) Obtained a ridiculous amount of throwback Citadel builds!

Partner Packages
All new items will be coming to Partner Packages this weekend! The all new Partner Packages will be available for purchase this Saturday at 12:00 AM EST for Royale.

Closing Remarks
If you're too lazy to read the full thread then below is a TL;DR.

Royale Map 12 releases on...
Saturday, 13th of April at 2:00 PM EST


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Please consider in the near future balancing out the SOTW’s with Infernal in mind. Being a player that plans to play all 3 actively, would be nice to see only 1 server with an SOTW per week. Just an idea! Looking forward to playing.