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Read Me Spring Update Week 7


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Hey everyone.

Week 7 of Viper's Spring Update is nearly here! We've worked extremely hard this entire week to deliver an amazing Royale SOTW followed by a ton of Practice updates. Before you continue reading be sure to take advantage of the Spring Sale while it is still here!

Royale Map 13 releases on...
Saturday, 27th of April at 2:00 PM EST

Map Kit and Faction Sizes
Reforged will have the following map kit:

Protection 1, Sharpness 1, Power 4
20 Members, 7.00 DTR, No Allies
All Classes Enabled

There'll be a 1 hour toggleable PVP timer for all users on the server so that there's SOTW PVP. You will not take damage whilst this is active. In regards to potions, we've disabled weakness, strength, regeneration, and instant damage. We've made the limit for poison 33s, and the limit for slowness 1m07s.

Changes and Bug Fixes
  • 0.75 DTR loss in all events and Nether.
  • A limit of two bards and two archers per team.
  • If you have 15 or more members special items from Partner Packages will not work. We've implemented this so bigger teams can have clean fights.
  • Horses have been implemented.
  • Strength, Regeneration and Jump Boost has been fixed.

Partner Packages
For those who don't already know, new items are here for our Partner Packages! Be sure to check them out on the store.

Practice Update 1.5
Saturday, 27th of April

We've been working extremely hard this past few weeks on fixing all known issues with our Practice server. Below you can find a list of what will be implemented this Saturday.

Whats New
  • Chat filter added.
  • No longer using vanilla Minecraft potions. Potions should now land more accurately.
  • /msg FINALLY works!
  • Numerous other bug fixes that players have reported to us.

Closing Remarks
If you're too lazy to read the full thread then below is a TL;DR.

Royale Map 13 releases on...
Saturday, 27th of April at 2:00 PM EST

Practice Update 1.5
Saturday, 27th of April

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