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Read Me The Last Week of the Spring Update!


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Hey folks,

As the Spring Update comes to an end we would like to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for all the support and love you've shown us throughout the entirety of the update. Viper as we know it is still fairly new and we have a lot of figuring out to do but regardless of that you all show up and show out every single weekend for our SOTW's and for that we are endlessly grateful. With that being said, we have a lot of exciting news coming this weekend and throughout all of next week in regards to our Summer Update!

Summer Update: June 29th at 2:00 PM EST.

We will also be hosting a Q&A this Saturday in the Viper TeamSpeak at 3:30 PM EST. We look forward to seeing you all there!

The last week of the Spring Update is nearly here! This week will consist of the following:

Cobra Client announcement during the weekend.
Summer Update announcement during the weekend.
New Partners announcement during the weekend.
Royale Map 17.
Exodus Map 1.
Kill the King event on Kits.

Royale will be played by:

Royale Map 17 releases on...
Saturday, 22nd of June at 2:00 PM EST

Map Kit and Faction Sizes
Royale will have the following map kit:

Protection 1, Sharpness 1, Power 3
25 Members, No Allies
All Classes Enabled

There'll be a 1 hour toggleable PVP timer for all users on the server so that there's SOTW PVP. You will not take damage whilst this is active. In regards to potions, we've disabled weakness, strength, regeneration, and instant damage. We've made the limit for poison 33s, and the limit for slowness 1m07s.

Partner Packages
For those who don't already know, new items are here for our Partner Packages! Be sure to check them out on the store.

King of the Kill...
Saturday, 22nd of June at 5:00 PM EST

What is King of the Kill?
Our partners will be given a high protection / sharpness enchant on their armor and weapons and an abundance of potions. Whoever ends up killing our partners will receive a 30 day rank upgrade.

Which server will this happen on?
This event will take place on Kits.

Closing Remarks
If you're too lazy to read the full thread then below is a TL;DR. Make sure to join our giveaways via Twitter!