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Important The Spring Update 2020 🍃💫


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Good Morning Folks,

Welcome to the very first week of our Spring Update! This post will include everything you need to know regarding the Spring Update. The sections are called "HCF" and "Kits". CTRL + F and type one of those sections in the box to navigate this post even easier. Without further a do... the Spring Update 2020!

Everything releasing this week in order can be found below.

• Punishments Reset: Today, March 19th at 1:00 AM EST.
• Kits Season 13: Today, March 19th at 6:00 PM EST.
• Infernal SOTW: Tomorrow, March 20th at 6:00 PM EST.

More information regarding each release can be found in our all new Discord. Click this message to join it.

Punishments were wiped today, March 19th at 1:00 AM EST.

Punishments were last wiped on December 21st in preparation for our Winter Update. It is only right that we do the same this time around. If you were banned or blacklisted for the following:

✦ Doxing
✦ Charge back

It is highly unlikely that you will be unbanned/unblacklisted. The charge back punishment is permanent unless we are reimbursed. If you provide sufficient evidence of reimbursing Viper you may come into TeamSpeak ( and a staff member will sort you out. The DDOS punishment is handled at staff discretion.

Everything you need to know regarding Infernal can be found here.

Infernal releases tomorrow, March 20th at 6:00 PM EST. 8 Man Factions, Protection 1 & Sharpness 1, No Allies, and all classes are enabled.

New Knockback and Potions
The last time we modified PvP on Viper was on launch day in 2018. Since then all values have stayed the same, however it's finally time for a change. Our new knockback and potions were made specifically so that regardless of low and/or high ping everyone is on the same playing ground. We're confident you all will love it. You can get your first glimpse at the new knockback and potions by hopping on Kits today at 6:00 PM EST.

Performance Updates
Over the course of the last two weeks we have been closely monitoring performance on Infernal during SOTW and looking at we can improve it. It's safe to say we have done so drastically. With lots of backend work we are now able to hold over 1,000 players at 20 TPS on a single server. That means no matter if you have High Roller or Default you will 100% get in for SOTW with everyone else.

For the Spring Update we have removed reputation. Why? I can't say that yet, however we have something even better that will replace reputation in the summer. All reputation is right now is a number next to your name with no meaning so there's no point in keeping it right now. Our replacement will hold lots of value on Viper and we are excited to reveal what it is when our Summer Update approaches. Until then, enjoy a much cleaner chat.

New Partner Crates
Partner Crates will be getting its first refresh since it's debut in September of 2019. All new content inside the crates, new armor particles particles, updated NPC's with the new particles, and so much more. They will officially launch tomorrow, March 20th at midnight.

New Partner Packages
For the Spring Update we will be keeping all of the current Partner Package items with the addition of a few new items. The items will be revealed today on Kits at 6:00 PM EST. Make sure to come check them out! If you have a global donator rank you will receive the all new Partner Packages in your /claim.

KOTH Crate
We have gotten rid of the Treasure, Potion, and Combat Crates in replacement for the all new KOTH crate. All of your favorite, purchasable and non-purchasable items in one crate. These keys can be obtained from winning a KOTH, Citadel, Conquest, and/or DTC. The all new KOTH crate will officially make its debut today on Kits at 6:00 PM EST.

/f focus
As requested, we will be implementing /f focus. You will be able to change the colour of an enemies name tag with this command. Each faction you /f focus will give you a randomized colour rather than only pink to make it easier to target certain factions. A very handy feature you all have requested for a long time and we hope you enjoy it.

Playtime Rewards
We will be re-implementing Playtime Rewards for the Spring Update. Earn free crate keys by playing the server! It's beautiful, isn't it? In order to redeem your Playtime Rewards you must type /playtime. If you have any rewards pending you will receive them upon typing the command. If you have no rewards pending but are close to one our system will let you know.

KOTH Schedule
We have modified our KOTH schedule changing automated KOTH start times from every 3 hours to every 1 hour and 30 minutes. With the implementation of our new KOTH crate and how amazing it is, it is crucial we get you all more involved with our KOTH events. Constant PvP is an amazing thing. We want more of it. Now you have more of it.

...and so many minor things we've corrected, added, and removed to make your playing experience on Infernal much more exciting. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow, March 20th at 6:00 PM EST!

Everything you need to know regarding Kits can be found here.

Kits releases today, March 19th at 6:00 PM EST. 30 Man Factions, Protection 1 and Sharpness 1, No Allies, and all classes are enabled.

Custom Enchantments
As requested, we will be implementing Custom Enchantments to Kits! Finally, right? Custom Enchant books will be available for purchase with XP by typing the command /ce. You can also obtain Custom Enchantment books in our all new KOTH crate, our Challenge crate, and our Bounty Crate.

Purchasable Partner Packages
Due to popular demand, Partner Packages are now purchasable on our store! You will be able to purchase as many Partner Packages as you desire on Kits. You are also able to support your favorite Viper content creator while doing so.

Viper Kit and High Roller Kit
If you have a Viper or High Roller rank you are in luck! We have added kits for both ranks. Both kits are fully equipped with the best Custom Enchants, a full pot loadout, and more. Just a small gesture especially for our Viper rank since you all haven't been able to utilize it recently (but don't worry, I haven't forgot about you guys and never will. I got something coming for you this Summer.) <3

NPC Leaderboards
Kits is a competitive playground to say the least. Stats matter and we'd like to honor our players at the top of the leaderboards. In Spawn you will see 3 NPC's: #1 Kills NPC, #1 Killstreak NPC, #1 Deaths NPC. Now let me tell you this... if I was you I'd try not to get on that #1 Deaths NPC because your name and skin will be broadcasted to the server and you'll be known as the guy who's easy to kill, but in all seriousness this is an amazing way to recognize our players who put in that grind to be at the top of our leaderboards.

Digital Crate Keys
That's right folks. Crate Keys on Kits are going digital. How? What does digital even mean? Well let me tell you. I'm sure you all know how it feels to kill someone, receive a crate key, but not even get it sent to your inventory because it was full. But now for Season 13 you will have a crate key count on your scoreboard. That will show you how many crate keys you have waiting for you at Spawn to redeem. When in spawn, type /claimkeys and you will be given your crate keys. Genius, right? MeeZoid thought of that idea so be sure to thank him in game when you see him for today's Kits SOTW at 6:00 PM EST.

Citadel and Conquest
Citadel and Conquest will be making its debut on Kits! Every single Saturday at 1:00 PM EST the event will start. Winners will be rewarded with our new KOTH crate, Partner Packages, and custom in game loot. Don't worry about building close to Conquest or Citadel though, they are right outside of Spawn. Easy access for you and for everyone else. Happy contesting!

Potion Refill Signs
Potion Refill signs can be found all across the map. No cooldown, no limit, no nothing. You can refill as much as you want. Easy to use, nothing more to it. We hope you enjoy.

We've finally got a Nether on Kits! Hallelujah! Our wonderful staff have created a beautiful Nether for you all to PvP in and we think you're going to love it. The Nether will feature its own special KOTH as well.

...and so many minor things we've corrected, added, and removed to make your playing experience on Kits much more exciting. We look forward to seeing you today, March 19th at 6:00 PM EST!

Global Updates
Everything you need to know regarding everything else can be found here.

Man oh man, we've done a helluva lot of work on Viper for this update. The addition of the Lunar Client API so you and your friends can emote with each other, our brand new queue which no longer kicks players out of the queue at random, our new Partner Package all command so we don't always have to do Key All's every SOTW, our refreshed Hub, and so much more. I could type everything else out but I'm choosing not to. Why? It's up to you to hop on today and find out for yourself what we've changed.

Everything else you need to know regarding our Spring Update can be found in our brand new Discord. Click this message to join our new Discord. We look forward to seeing you all today and tomorrow. But not just today and tomorrow. I have some surprises for you all. Stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled. Oh, and you can re-upload our trailer for some special in game rewards. Download link can be found by clicking this message. See you all soon!

With Love,
Spyno 💫