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Important Twitch Application Format

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Use this format when applying for Twitch rank

Note: Title for thread <Username>'s Twitch Application

Media Criteria:
- You must own the channel from the start, we do not accept purchased Twitch channels.
- You must have at least 2 Twitch streams exclusively on Viper within' the last week
- You must have a minimum of 500 followers, and an average 15 viewers per stream. (We will be flexible with this)
- You must show a screenshot of your analytics to see the average viewers per stream.
(You may blur out any earnings or personal information)
- You must have VODs enabled on your channel.
- You will be respectful and kind to staff and players.
- If you are cheating, you will be BLACKLISTED.
- If you are advertising streams off of other servers your rank will be removed. You will have to reapply for Twitch rank after 2 weeks.

If you meet the criteria, use the following format to create a thread -

Telegram (optional):
Channel URL:
Follower amount:
Average viewers per stream:
Link to previous streams / VODs on Viper:
Do you agree to be respectful and kind to staff and players alike?:

Please keep in mind that it will take up to 1 week before a response is given, depending on our load.
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