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Important UHCF: Update, Change Log and more


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Hey folks,

First and foremost on behalf of the administration we would like to apologize for how under prepared we were for Map 1. There were a lot of key components missing from the server upon launch which ultimately costed us the entire map. We have pin pointed exactly where we went wrong with this release and have begun correcting it all. Also on behalf of the administration we would like to thank every single player who waited in the UHCF queue just to play. The support was incredible. For that we seriously thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts. With that being said we have begun work on Map 2 of UHCF. Before I get into Map 2 of UHCF, everything we've changed has been listed below. We encourage you to read it all.

Just a bit of a side note. We don't release projects just to give up on them. We look back at every mistake we have made and we correct them. Both communities, UHC and HCF, deserve a UHCF server that they can count on. With that being said we will continue to work hard on perfecting this gamemode to the point where both communities are beyond satisfied. Without further a do, the change log can be found below.

UHCF Change Log (08/08/2019)
- Golden Apples are now craftable with 8 gold nuggets and 1 apple
- Golden Heads are no longer skeleton heads and are now the players head
- Can no longer receive the Flame enchant from enchantment tables
- Can no longer craft or consume God Apples
- Can no longer brew Speed I 8:00 drinkable, only 3:00 drinkable
- You now receive a full 2 hearts upon eating a Golden Apple rather than 1
- Horses are no longer passive. Can now tame them
- Placing water in your own claim will no longer despawn
- /shop is complete and will debut with a few new features for Map 2

Preparation for Map 2 has begun. The SOTW date will be revealed later in the week. We are open to taking suggestions. If there's anything you would like to see for Map 2 then feel free to leave a comment below.

With love,
The Viper Administration 💙
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